Bird Watching

The Lake Yojoa region is known for the concentration and diversity of birds that can be seen from areas that are easily accessible by walking to for those adventurers that like this activity. The park has two bird watching towers that you can access with a guide and enjoy the beauty of this tropical area full of Toucans, Motmot, trogons, hummingbirds, hawks, flycatchers, woodpeckers, swifts and more in this unique environment.

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Another activity that you can enjoy is nature photography, which is easy to do at PANACAM Lodge due to the beautiful natural landscapes, the animals and different natural formations. Many fans of this activity seek to take a small part of PANACAM with them through the pictures they take.

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All park visitors can enjoy the 7.1 kms of hiking trails perfectly designed to see beautiful waterfalls and sources of pristine water as well as two bird watching towers, all of this surrounded by natural landscapes of incredible beauty that only Mother Nature can offer us. If you are very quiet you might even be able to spot some of PANACAM’s wild animals.

The trails are divided into three paths that interconnect to offer options of time and levels of difficulty.


Los Vencejos Trail | Distance 0.3 kms. | Difficulty: Easy

This trail takes about a half hour to finish which is enough time to appreciate the beautiful vegetation and observe the different species of butterflies that have made this beautiful place their home. At the end of the trail you will arrive at the Los Vencejos or “Swifts” Waterfall, which got its name from the Swifts that have made their home in the rocks behind the falls

El Venado Trail | Distance 0.7 kms. | Difficulty: Moderate

This trail takes about an hour and a half to complete and takes you through the beautiful forests where you can enjoy a quiet hike and observe the different medicinal, edible and wood plants and trees. Just 50 meters from the trail entrance, you will find a 14 meter tall bird watching tower that will allow you to observe a variety of birds. The best months for bird watching are November through March.

El Sinaí Trail   |   Distance 5.1 kms.   |   Difficulty:    Hard

El Sinaí Trail consists of a unique journey to the cloudy forest where you will enjoy the lush vegetation, bird watching, waterfalls and brooks as well as spectacular panoramic views of Lake Yojoa. You will also find hanging bridges and a variety of mammals. This trail takes approximately 4 hours to complete as you will reach high points of 1,120 meters above sea level.

Tarifas de Ingreso al parque:

Nacionales: $ 3.00           Estudiantes: $ 2.50         3ra edad: $ 2.50          Extranjeros: $ 7.00