Listen, observe and discover the birds of PANACAM

Birdwatching is a simple, fun and passionate experience. The tower is designed to offer you the opportunity to observe different types of birds from each of their levels. You can enjoy an even better experience by following these recommendations:

  • The maximum capacity of the tower is 24 people distributed on the different levels.
  • Help us take care of the birds and the place where they live.  Throw your garbage away in the trash cans located at the start of the trail.
  • Keep quiet and be courteous to the other visitors so that you can all enjoy bird watching.
  • Share your knowledge and experiences, especially with those that are bird watching for the first time.
  • Use bird bait and sounds in moderation to attract the birds, making sure this does not interrupt the natural course of their lives.
  • Share your bird watching records on eBird ( or on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Pick up a bird watching guide at the Lodge reception office.