The Lodge


Welcome to PANACAM LODGE, a cozy mountain hotel located in the Azul Meámbar National Park, Honduras, where the natural beauty of this important reserved area together with our extensive facilities and direct contact with nature becomes a unique and unforgettable experience.


Proyecto Aldea Global, entity in charge of managing the Azul Meámbar National Park, began its activities in 1983 in response to the urgent social and economic needs of the rural areas of Honduras.

Strengthening environmental development programs with the communities around the now known as PANACAM, has been part of the organization's mission and it is in 1987 when the Azul Meámbar National Park was created through Legislative Decree 87-87, also known as the "Cloud Forest Law".

Then, in 1992, Proyecto Aldea Global signed an agreement with AFE-COHDEFOR, now ICF (Institute of Forest Conservation), in order to ensure the conservation of the area's natural resources. At that time, deeper research processes began with the support of different institutions, which allowed us to discover the park's environmental potential.

Subsequently, the visitor center was created where Centro Turístico La Naturaleza is now located, but the main attraction was and continues to be the "Blue Mountain", so the organization decided to readjust the vision and create the visitor center in the Buffer Zone of the PANACAM in Aldea Los Pinos, Meámbar.

Thanks to the tourist impact that the park developed and the eagerness of tourists to visit the place, Proyecto Aldea Global observed the need to provide accommodation and other services to visitors; this is how PANACAM LODGE was born, a mountain hotel, with the construction of cabin-type rooms that are divided into modules and receive names in honor of the flora and fauna that inhabits the park.

PANACAM LODGE's mission is to be a sustainable company and to promote rural tourism for the protection and conservation of the Azul Meámbar National Park and the development of communities.

"Happy to serve you every day with great enthusiasm and dedication.".
Oneyda Amaya
- Housekeeper
"We are waiting for you so that together we can explore the magical PANACAM".
Teodoro Argueta
- Tourist Guide
"Our delicious and varied cuisine is the perfect complement for you to enjoy your stay.".
Gerardo Ordóñez
- Chef
"Our commitment is to make your visit the best of experiences, offering you quality service and genuine care".
David Corea
- General Manager